Everything is flowers and rainbows, right?

So, I promised in my next note that I would stop bitching and become more of an optimist, so here goes.

The things I like about living up north:

No crazy stealing roommate. That is pretty awesome.  And I live with my little brother up here.  He’s a great guy.  He’s stationed at Ft. Lewis, so he works a lot and I think it’s good for him to have someone around.   I do things like mow the lawn, cook dinner (sometimes) and clean the house.  I’d like to think I make his life a little easier.

There are donkeys where I work. Their names are Bill and Ted and they like to talk to me.  Need I say more on that one?  

I’m not working at a restaurant. Mind you, I miss the easy money and lack of responsibility.  However, not having to fill some guy’s fifteenth Diet Coke is awesome.  I had my first-ever GOOD serving dream a few weeks ago.  If you’re in the business, you know how awful serving dreams are, how you are usually helpless and drowning…  but I got to tell someone off.  Rather than waking up stressed and dreading the day, I woke up smiling.  It was a strange, strange sensation.

There is a cat where I work. He’s an opinionated furry little bastard, but he’s nice to have around.  And he kills for the joy of it, which is weird but endearing.

There is a brewery three minutes from my work. Elk Head.  It’s delicious.  And it’s based out of an industrial park, so the atmosphere is rather different than anything I was used to.  Think McMenamin’s  without the forced innate coolness of the staff and the buildings.  Think Rogue with less tasty beer but more friendly people.  It’s pretty great.

Anyway, things are looking up.


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